• Acoustic assisted hydrodynamic focusing system

– High flow rates of highly diluted samples
– Less doublets
– Anti-clogging technology
– Low fluid consumption: no fluidics cart is required

  • Automatic detection of bubbles

The system is capable to detect bubbles stopping the acquisition and allowing to save previous data maintaining data files quality
– No loss of valuable information
– Save time

  • Possible to recover unused samples

– No loss of sample
– Safe acquisition

  • Different flow rates: 12,5, 25, 100, 200, 500 and 1.000uL/min

– High versatility
– Quick acquisition at the fastest flow rate

  • Variable particle velocity

12,5 – 200 uL/min > 4 m/second
500 – 1.000 uL/min > 8 m/second
– Decreases acquisition time with highly diluted samples

  • Acquisition volume: 20uL-4mL

– High flexibility
– Big accuracy

  • Data acquisition up to 35.000 events/second

– Allows flexibility and a quicker acquisition

Flat top lasers

– Robust, sensitive and stable system
– Less misalignment issues
– Less need of calibration

  • Simmer mode: lasers switched on only during acquisition

– Increases 10X lifetime
– Less technical service issues

  • SSC detector for violet laser
    – Detection of small particles
    – Detection of erythrocytes simultaneously with any leucocyte population in no lyse no wash protocol with whole blood and bone marrow samples
  • No loss of information
    – All the samples are saved even if they have not been recorded during acquisition
  • No abort rate

– Possibility to save all events including electronic aborts

  • Possible to record up to 20 million events with all parameters

– Useful for the study of samples with rare populations
– MRD studies